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Introduction to Relay Hypermedia API


To integrate with Relay's API, you'll need some programming skills. If you’re ready to get started, read on.

If you aren’t comfortable coding custom solutions, check our API resources to see if someone has already created a tool that meets your needs. Or, hire one of our experts to help develop a tool for you.

What is it for?

Relay API provides a standard interface to allow applications to interact directly with the Relay platform.

You can integrate your product with Relay or you can build applications to more efficiently manage large or complex Relay accounts and campaigns.

As the Relay API is independent of programming languages, you can develop applications in any programming language (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc.).

Hypermedia REST API

Relay APIs provide access to resources (data entities) via URI paths. To use a REST API, your application will make an HTTP request and parse the response. Your methods will be the standard HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. REST APIs operate over HTTP(s) making it easy to use with any programming language or framework. The input and output format for the Relay APIs is JSON.

Relay API uses Hypermedia to guide clients through business processes, see hypermedia as the engine of application state. All API responses are self documented including several metadata. Your client could take advantage of these features or it can ignore them.

See more information about these features at Technical definitions.